Workflow Analysis

The challenge in making any user experience successful is keeping the interface as simple as possible while maintaining a complex set of functionality in the backend. If the process of getting from point A to B is not optimized, your staff will spend more time and resources working with the app, and/or your customers will be more likely to get frustrated and leave your website/app, costing you money in either scenario. An effective workflow is therefore critical and can save your organization significant resources if designed correctly.

Because Convasis builds unique, data-driven applications and websites, our team is exceptionally skilled at designing user experiences that keep your costs low and ROI high. Our designers work with both the data modeler and architect to make sure the workflow captures all the necessary data at the right time and that the suggested workflow is also cost effective to implement. In the case of websites, the designers also work closely with your marketing department or our marketing consultants to ensure that pages contain all of the necessary links and UI elements without overwhelming the user.