Why Convasis

Below are 10 reasons why you should work with us:

We work like an in-house team.

At Convasis we are known for providing clients an unusual level of responsiveness for an out-house team. From promptly responding to emails to always answering the phone, we strive to make ourselves available to you as though we were just down the hall. And the best part? Being your outside consultants, we can still provide you with that fresh, third-party perspective that every organization needs.

We’re not just software developers, we’re end-to-end advisers.

Unlike general-purpose software developers, we don’t just execute on the specs you deliver– we provide guidance and advice every step of the way. We get invested in your project as if it’s our own, helping you shape and strengthen your ideas, determine a strategy, build a superior product, launch, and move beyond.

We have experts.

We know that to deliver the best, we need to hire the best. Our team is deep in expertise, from engineering and design to business and product planning. We hire true “masters of their craft”, people who are committed to being and becoming the very best at what they do.

We’re easy to work with.

We pride ourselves on being an approachable and down-to-earth bunch, and go out of our way to make our clients feel comfortable with everything we do. Our goal is not just be great at what we do, but to be a pleasure for our clients to work with.

We focus on quality.

Yes, we know they all say this, but we believe our work speaks for itself. Check out our case studies to get a taste of what we can deliver.

We deliver value.

We may not always have the lowest price, but we almost always deliver the greatest value. We aim to give our clients more than they give us, which is why we make ourselves perennially available, don’t charge for 5 minute phone calls, and provide our most honest feedback even when it’s sometimes difficult to do so.

We help you innovate.

While many mainstream development firms simply take the client’s idea and implement it, we actually help clients create, evaluate, and improve upon their original ideas, before even creating a wireframe or writing a single line of code. By hiring smart people and building an A plus team, we see this is as a natural service to our clients and a key differentiator from our competitors.

Our solutions make a difference.

Our technology helps improve the lives of businesspeople, consumers, and entire communities. We strive to always to make a positive impact on our client’s organization and use technology to ultimately advance the cause of humanity.

Our products are reliable and secure.

Speed, scalability, reliability, and security are our top goals, and we do not compromise on them. We build solutions that are sturdy and that can scale with the addition of new users and features, and in changing times. We plan our products for the future that our clients and their customers will be living in.

We’re nice people.

At the end of the day, we know business is done with people, and so we make being nice and easy to work with part of the job description. Come work with us– we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.