Software Deployment

Deploying software into production, such as during first release or subsequent updates, can be a risky process, especially with thousands or millions of users, so it must be handled with great care and expertise. An update that is poorly tested or not easily reversible is extremely dangerous, so deployment must be a very structured event. Convasis handles deployment matters with great care and has a strict set of procedures that must be followed during any update of client or server software into production environments.

As part of our deployment checklist, each release must be approved by at least one authorized member of each team – ours and the client’s. On both sides, the release will have already been thoroughly tested in a development or staging environment. During deployment, special software runs a series of automated tests to check for obvious bugs both during compilation of the software (if applicable) and immediately after deployment, which is generally as seamless as possible. The entire change is immediately reversible in the unlikely case of an error.

Needless to say, comprehensive database replication and backup mechanisms ensure that no data can be lost.

Our developers and server admins are proficient in a wide range of production environments. We often work with cloud hosts like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Azure, as well as traditional web hosts and on-site servers. Our server administration skills are equally strong on both Windows and Linux based platforms. When it comes to deploying the software that we build, whether the deployment responsibility is yours or ours, Convasis makes sure the process is thought through with the highest standards.