Custom Reporting Systems & Analytics Dashboards

Despite the web’s ever-increasing influx of data, data is useless unless you can make sense of it. Additionally, it oftentimes needs to be manageable by workers with limited technical skills and even your website visitors. Processing data is among Convasis’ top skills. We have a long history of building effective methods of aggregating data, cleaning it if necessary, and filtering it for view in your application.

We can also build data warehouses, but note that they aren’t always suitable. In today’s rapidly-changing world, data loses value with every hour or even every minute, translating to financial losses. In many scenarios, you need access to everything in real-time, streaming to your desktop, ERP, SCM, or mobile device to stay on top of your operations and remain one step ahead of your competition.

Latencies between servers, email and message queues, and CPU time make processing, filtering, and distributing large quantities of data very challenging in real time. A great portion of our R&D efforts are devoted to integrating and developing cutting-edge solutions for dealing with data. We leverage tools provided by third-party vendors like Oracle and Google, but we also develop proprietary methods of developing a fast-performing data powerhouse.

When existing reporting systems and dashboard are not enough, Convasis is able to build custom interfaces tailored to the needs of your organization, accessible on your intranet or from your mobile device. When you’re on the go, we can automate the push of critical notifications to your phone or tablet.

In the case of traditional reporting, Convasis utilizes leading tools like Hadoop in combination with cloud-based server clusters to crunch numbers on demand without you needing to acquire and manage a server cluster in-house.