Over over 2 years, Convasis has helped ProctorCam build the leading online proctoring solutions – allowing distance learners to take exams remotely from the comfort of their home, all while being monitored by ProctorCam’s staff and software to ensure that the test-taking abides by federal laws.

The key challenge involves the lockdown of the test taker’s computer while securely monitoring desktop activity, webcam feeds, and other data, and further auto-flagging noteworthy moments. Performance and security are top considerations, as well as the operational efficiency around scheduling of exams and allocating tests to human proctors in real time.

Responsibilities: backend architecture and implementation, desktop application, user interface and workflow, video streaming, technical support, technology and operations consulting, and others
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux (server)
Technologies: PHP (Zend), Java, Adobe Flex, MySQL, JavaScript (extensive scripting for admin interfaces)