Becoming the most visited libertarian site on the Internet (according to Compete.com, 2012), LewRockwell.com needed to transform its static HTML website into a modern, WordPress site. Over 13 years, LewRockwell.com had aggregated close to 70,000 articles, blog posts, and podcasts – most of them implemented by hand in static HTML. Convasis was called upon to process these thousands of webpages, import them into WordPress, and build a technically-demanding WordPress site with many complex functional improvements.

LewRockwell.com ended up being a “WordPress on steroids” based on the numerous considerations involved in preparing the personal blogging platform for managing 60,000+ webpages, 3,000+ authors, and millions of unique monthly visitors. Every plugin went through a thorough examination and performance stress-test, and many WordPress limitations were worked around with custom code. Among the key challenges was parsing of hundreds of variations in HTML on the original site and ensuring that migrated articles still appear well-formatted after migration.

Today, LewRockwell.com proudly runs one of the world’s largest WordPress implementations.

Responsibilities: backend architecture and implementation, UI implementation, server optimization, technology and operations consulting, information security, and others
Technologies: WordPress, PHP, MySQL