Online Video and Streaming Media

As web video and video-centric websites become increasingly prevalent, multimedia has developed into one of the most common technologies that Convasis has had to integrate into client applications, ranging from rich-media web content to online video ad platforms and web conferencing. Over the years, we have wired up numerous websites to content delivery networks (CDNs), built several custom video players, and implemented proprietary solutions form the ground up.

Web video involves a variety of unique challenges, including the need to:

  • adapt streaming quality to the user’s available or preferred bandwidth
  • broadcast the video to other users and/or record it, accounting for scalability requirements of thousands or millions of concurrent users
  • synchronize the video with other asynchronous media on the same page
  • minimize costs of bandwidth and hosting
  • process or manipulate the video
  • provide interactivity with UI controls or APIs
  • secure the streaming experience without compromising performance

Convasis has dealt with all of the complexities above and is always ready for a new challenge. As an example of our work, see our featured case study for ProctorCam.