Leadership Team

A self-taught programmer, Alexey built his first dynamic website at the age of 14. His first start-up was Crelligence Media, a social media marketing service through which he learned firsthand the struggles associated with outsourcing web-based products. As a result, Alexey decided to start Convasis with the mission of helping technology entrepreneurs, as well as established organizations, develop web applications. At Convasis, Alexey not only works closely with clients but also leads some of the technical design and quality assurance.

In 2010, Alexey was featured in Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s “America’s 25 Best Young Entrepreneurs Under 25“. His work has also been featured in the Boston Herald, Entrepreneur Magazine, BostInnovation, America.gov, and other publications.

Alexey holds a B.S. in Business Management from Babson College with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and Global Business Management. Alexey’s first company, Crelligence, was the winner of Babson’s John H. Muller Jr. Undergraduate Business Plan Competition.