Documentation, Support, and Maintenance

When it comes to delivery of the finished product, documentation and training are vital to any application’s long term success. To be considered delivered, the application’s documentation, including comments within source code, must be easily understandable by other developers with the necessary skill set. Separately, user manuals and/or training are critical for ensuring that the product manager(s) are able to administer all relevant aspects of the application. Whatever your training and support needs may be, Convasis is always available to assist your team with the adoption of our software into your organization.

Convasis serves as a long-term development partner continuing long past delivery. We provide full support of our products – something that few of our competitors offer. Six months or even one year down the road, if our clients have any questions, problems, or need help training new staff, our engineers and dedicated product manager are only a phone call away. We offer flexible support packages following our standard hourly rates.