Development, Back-end & Front-end

Convasis hires the top talent and strives for the best possible quality of implementation. Each of our developers goes through a rigorous selection, testing, and training process before becoming a core member of a client project. And with our diverse skill sets, our engineers can work with almost any technology you require.

In backend development, the key priorities are always led by security, performance, and the application’s long-term evolution. Exceptionally-skilled developers write code in strict adherence to our internal guidelines and best practices that we have developed in-house.

In frontend development, we take advantage of the latest technology to create the most cutting-edge interfaces possible. When appropriate, RIA (Adobe Flash or Silverlight) technologies are replaced with light yet robust alternatives like JavaScript or HTML5. In data-intensive applications, visualization/rendering of the data is further offloaded from the backend to the frontend (e.g. JavaScript) to conserve server resources. In real-time settings, our engineers have considerable experience in “Comet” technology and web sockets to push data between server and clients most efficiently.

We do our best to code efficiently. Our frontend engineers are oftentimes involved in markup (HTML/CSS) and at least portions of the backend so that they are aware of how pieces of the puzzle fit together. This cross-training makes the development process more efficient, with little or no integration issues that otherwise occur when team members are very narrowly trained in their specific practice.

All of our work is guaranteed to be cross-browser compatible and/or cross-platform compatible, where applicable.

Below are some of the technologies that we work with most frequently:

DBMS Back-end Front-end
MSSQL ASP.NET (C#, VB.NET) Adobe AIR, Adobe Flex / ActionScript
Oracle PHP (Zend Framework, CodeIgniter) JavaScript (jQuery, MooTools, Ext JS)
SQLite Python