Convasis is a technology consulting firm dedicated to helping its clients solve the world’s problems through superior software solutions. We partner with clients – from small, entrepreneurial companies to large businesses – in all regions to implement cutting-edge, innovative technologies. We seek challenging projects that aim to transform the products and industries in which they operate.

We are obsessed with achieving excellence and creating the finest products for our clients. We work closely with you every step of the way, from developing a product roadmap, to understanding the competitive landscape to, ultimately, designing solutions that are usable, scalable, reliable, and secure. In short, we help our clients win.

Convasis is committed to:

  • Creating competitive advantage by implementing unique technology solutions
  • Using technology to bring value to society and making a positive impact on the world
  • Helping our clients increase revenue, reduce costs, and fulfill their business and philanthropic goals
  • Conducting cutting-edge technology research and being a leader in innovative thinking
  • Focusing on value – for our partners, our employees, and our shareholders

Our Mission

To help our clients solve the world’s problems through superior software solutions.

Core Values

Our core values reflect what is truly important to us as an organization. They underpin how we do business – how we perform work, and how we treat our clients, our employees, and our shareholders – regardless of how large we grow. Our core values are timeless and form the basis of our company culture, preserving what is special about us as times change.

Our Work

Our work is never just about getting the project done – it’s about making a positive impact on our clients’ businesses, and on the world. We use our technology and skills to solve important problems and push the boundaries of innovation in our field. We seek to bring true value to our clients, delivering new revenue opportunities and cost savings where possible, and making our solutions always usable, scalable, reliable, and secure.

Our Clients

Our clients are our partners, people we work with, and not merely for. We are not, and will never be, just general-purpose “software developers”. We are innovators, thought leaders, and mentors to our clients, helping them achieve their goals by guiding them from idea to after conception.

Our Employees

Our employees are the soul of our organization – they are at the core of what makes us a great company.    We treat our employees with dignity and respect. We believe that happy employees make for happy clients and better products, and we seek to provide a challenging and motivating environment for our employees so that they can grow and thrive as professionals and as people.

Our Shareholders

Our shareholders are our believers – we are grateful for their support, and make it our duty to deliver the highest value back, by conducting our business ethically and fulfilling our obligations to our clients and employees as described above, before rewarding shareholders.